Visitor Information

Visitor Information

In addition to our discounted room rates at select hotels in Monaco, we also have group rate pricing on air fares, services, and tourist packages available exclusively to participants in the Backgammon World Championship. For questions or additional assistance, please contact Antoinette-Marie Williams via email at , via Skype at montecarlo33amw, or by phone / fax at (212) 222-7177.

Lufthansa Airlines Discount

Service: Cook Travel has negotiated a Lufthansa Airlines travel discount for tournament attendees. Book online at and use the discount code: USZJQLC. Good for travel from July 26 to August 9, 2017.

Rates & Contact: If you are flying first class or business class, call Cook Travel at (800) 435-8776 for higher discounts.

Delta Airlines Discount

Service: Cook Travel has negotiated a Delta Airlines travel discount for tournament attendees. Book online at or by phone at (800) 328-1111 and use the discount code: NMPY2.

Rates & Contact: The airfare discounts range from 2% to 20%. If you are flying business class, call Cook Travel at (800) 435-8776 for higher discounts.

Riviera Limousines

Service: Airport transfer service from the
Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport to the Fairmont Monte Carlo. A maximum of 8 passengers and 8 pieces of luggage per van.

Rates: 1 to 4 passengers for 100 € and 5 to 8 passengers for 120 €.

Contact: or call
(212) 222-7177.

Le Club Diamant Rouge

Service: Complimentary one-way helicopter transfer between the Nice Côte d'Azur
Airport & Monaco with drop-off or pick-up at your hotel (over $185 value) plus complimentary admission to museums,
Casino de Monte-Carlo, & more.

Cost: $85 per person for 1 year. Mention the "Backgammon Tournament" to get this
special rate. Must book at least 2 weeks in advance. Certain restrictions apply.

Contact: Complete the application form and email or call
(888) 371-CLUB. Offer good for U.S. or Canadian residents only.

World Champion 2021 Masayuki "Mochy" Mochizuki (Japan)
World Champion 2019 Eli Roymi (Israel)
World Champion 2018 Akiko Yazawa (Japan)
World Champion 2017 Didier Assaraf (France)
World Champion 2016 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 2015 Ali Cihangir Cetinel (Turkey)
World Champion 2014 Akiko Yazawa (Japan)
World Champion 2013 Vyacheslav Pryadkin (Ukraine)
World Champion 2012 Nevzat Dogan (Denmark)
World Champion 2011 Takumitsu Suzuki (Japan)
World Champion 2010 Lars "Buster" Bentzon (Denmark)
World Champion 2009 Masayuki "Mochy" Mochizuki (Japan)
World Champion 2008 Lars Trabolt (Denmark)
World Champion 2007 Jorge Pan (Argentina)
World Champion 2006 Philip Vischjager (Netherlands)
World Champion 2005 Dennis Carlston (USA)
World Champion 2004 Peter Hallberg (Denmark)
World Champion 2003 Jon Røyset (Norway)
World Champion 2002 Mads Andersen (Denmark)
World Champion 2001 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 2000 Katie Scalamandre (USA)
World Champion 1999 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 1998 Michael Meyburg (Germany)
World Champion 1997 Jerry Grandell (Sweden)
World Champion 1996 David Nahmad (Italy)
World Champion 1995 David Ben Zion (Israel)
World Champion 1994 Frank Frigo (USA)
World Champion 1993 Peter Jes Thomsen (Denmark)
World Champion 1992 Ion Ressu (Switzerland)
World Champion 1991 Michael Meyburg (Germany)
World Champion 1990 Hal Heinrich (Canada)
World Champion 1989 Joseph Russell (USA)
World Champion 1988 Phillip Marmorstein (Germany)
World Champion 1987 William Robertie (USA)
World Champion 1986 Clement Palacci (Italy)
World Champion 1985 Charles-Henri Sabet (Switzerland)
World Champion 1984 Michael Svobodny (USA)
World Champion 1983 William Robertie (USA)
World Champion 1982 Jacques Michel (Switzerland)
World Champion 1981 Lee Genud (USA)
World Champion 1980 Walter Coratella (Mexico)
World Champion 1979 Luigi Villa (Italy)
World Champion 1978 Richard de Surmont (France)
World Champion 1977 Jean Noel Grinda (France)
World Champion 1976 Joe Dwek (UK)