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In the Game Until the End: Volume II by Robert Wachtel (2014)

In the Game Until the End: Volume II, the new book by Robert Wachtel

Perhaps the most intriguing - and mysterious - realm in the backgammon universe lies at contact's 11th hour. Holding the opponent's ace point, a competitor is "in the game until the end" - an end which can run the gamut from utter disaster to miraculous deliverance. The first systematic study of the play in these exceedingly difficult positions was undertaken in 1993 by the renowned American expert, Robert Wachtel. In this, the sequel to that early, pioneering work, Wachtel mobilizes the cutting-edge tool of deep computer rollout-analysis to debug and carefully extend his research to a variety of more complex ace-point endings.

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126 pages, softcover

Look inside the book! Preview In the Game Until the End: Volume II.

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Baffle Boxes by Phil Simborg

Baffle Box Details

Exquisitely designed clear acrylic baffle boxes available exclusively through Phil Simborg. The Simborg Baffle Box is effective and guarantees excessive tumbling of the dice. Acrylic baffles coated with felt allow for quiet use. Easy to assemble and disassemble, sturdy, fits in most backgammon boards, and is aesthetically attractive. Endorsed by many of the world's best backgammon players. Carrying bag and custom engraving available at an extra charge.

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Baffle Box: $70.00 each

Shipping within the continental United States: $12.00 (International shipping is available)

Baffle Box Carrying Bag: $10.00 each

Custom Engraving by Request

Contact: E-mail or call (312) 543-0522

Backgammon Boards by Geoffrey Parker Games

Backgammon Board Details

Geoffrey Parker backgammon boards are among the finest available throughout the world. Impeccable craftmanship and use of only the highest quality materials, ensure each and every board is a cherished work of art. In addition to being voted 2012 Board Designer of the Year at the 2013 London Open, the winner of this year's Backgammon World Championship will receive a stunning board custom designed by Bentley & made by Geoffrey Parker.

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Tournament Size: From approximately $2,700 and up

Availability: See Zontik Games and Geoffrey Parker Games

Contact: E-mail or call + 44 (0) 1799 599 100

World Champion 2019 Eli Roymi (Israel)
World Champion 2018 Akiko Yazawa (Japan)
World Champion 2017 Didier Assaraf (France)
World Champion 2016 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 2015 Ali Cihangir Cetinel (Turkey)
World Champion 2014 Akiko Yazawa (Japan)
World Champion 2013 Vyacheslav Pryadkin (Ukraine)
World Champion 2012 Nevzat Dogan (Denmark)
World Champion 2011 Takumitsu Suzuki (Japan)
World Champion 2010 Lars "Buster" Bentzon (Denmark)
World Champion 2009 Masayuki "Mochy" Mochizuki (Japan)
World Champion 2008 Lars Trabolt (Denmark)
World Champion 2007 Jorge Pan (Argentina)
World Champion 2006 Philip Vischjager (Netherlands)
World Champion 2005 Dennis Carlston (USA)
World Champion 2004 Peter Hallberg (Denmark)
World Champion 2003 Jon Røyset (Norway)
World Champion 2002 Mads Andersen (Denmark)
World Champion 2001 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 2000 Katie Scalamandre (USA)
World Champion 1999 Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
World Champion 1998 Michael Meyburg (Germany)
World Champion 1997 Jerry Grandell (Sweden)
World Champion 1996 David Nahmad (Italy)
World Champion 1995 David Ben Zion (Israel)
World Champion 1994 Frank Frigo (USA)
World Champion 1993 Peter Jes Thomsen (Denmark)
World Champion 1992 Ion Ressu (Switzerland)
World Champion 1991 Michael Meyburg (Germany)
World Champion 1990 Hal Heinrich (Canada)
World Champion 1989 Joseph Russell (USA)
World Champion 1988 Phillip Marmorstein (Germany)
World Champion 1987 William Robertie (USA)
World Champion 1986 Clement Palacci (Italy)
World Champion 1985 Charles-Henri Sabet (Switzerland)
World Champion 1984 Michael Svobodny (USA)
World Champion 1983 William Robertie (USA)
World Champion 1982 Jacques Michel (Switzerland)
World Champion 1981 Lee Genud (USA)
World Champion 1980 Walter Coratella (Mexico)
World Champion 1979 Luigi Villa (Italy)
World Champion 1978 Richard de Surmont (France)
World Champion 1977 Jean Noel Grinda (France)
World Champion 1976 Joe Dwek (UK)